Christopher Brown traveled half way around the world to become Brazil's newest native son.

Brown is your guide to Development, Production and Service in Brazil for all who hail from within or without this great country.

After the huge success of the World Cup campaign, Brown was recognized as one of the most trusted and sought after production and creative producers in the country. His diverse interests in genre and format make him extremely flexible and versatile. From developing original content to branded content, feature films to editorials, Brown continues to push the creative boundaries.
With his sights on global sporting events, Brown aims to combine all of the logistics and hospitality he provided for the 2014 World cup, merging that with production and creative content for media companies. His goal is to bring everything from accommodations, transportations, production, content, equipment, locations and more under one roof – Christopher Brown Creative and Lagoa Productions.

Brown’s boutique company possesses big picture vision and the ability to make that vision a reality. And, with Brown at its helm, is great news for the media and corporate sponsor companies coming to participate in all the global sporting events now and in the near future.

To read all about Brown's path from the streets of Long Beach, California to the sidewalks of Rio de Janeiro click here.

Lagoa Productions was created by award winning Hollywood filmmakers.

Ready to shoot your next film or mount your next production? Contact us. We love making Brazil easy.

Lagoa Productions is a Development and Production service company that straddles the Brazilian and foreign market.

We develop film scripts, television content, branded content and editorials. A high demand for quality co-productions and production services are increasing by the day. We also offer an experienced team of fixers for journalists and photojournalists.

Lagoa Productions has years of experience forging relationships and contacts within the studios, rental houses, government agencies, local communities, crew, security, translators, transportation, accommodation and much, much more.

There are many global sporting events coming that will keep Brazil in the spotlight. The logistics of working and shooting in Brazil are anything but easy.

Your production companies and media agencies are preparing to take part in the action. There are many hurdles that a foreign producer faces before even stepping foot on Brazilian soil.

Most Brazilians do not speak English so having a commanding level of Portuguese is essential. Finding the perfect accommodations, making the logistics cool and practical and providing amazing creative content are the most important tasks for outside companies or locals who need extra, experienced hands.

At Lagoa Productions we do it all with ease.