Christopher Brown traveled half way around the world to become Brazil's newest native son.

Brown is your guide to Development, Production and Service in Brazil for all who hail from within or without this great country.

Brown was born and raised in the urban and gritty port city of Long Beach, raised by a beautiful and loving single mother -- a college professor at the local university who worked overtime to save extra money to take her son on amazing summer vacations to see and explore the world. By the time he was 18 years old, Brown had traveled to North Africa, Mexico, all over the United States and Europe (7 times!)

Filmmaking would become Brown’s new obsession. He would make and star in his own productions every weekend.  When he was 16 he got his first chance to work on a live set at Warner Bros Studio. He was hooked.  Then a brief and successful detour into professional acting followed. But none of this could keep him from wanting to explore the world.

Brown headed to South America armed only with a backpack and a camera. He traveled by horseback through the Patagonia, living on the fish he caught in the rivers and lakes of the region, exploring volcanoes and the mountains for nearly two months. He danced Tango, studied Spanish in the city of Buenos Aires and attended wild, police-rioting soccer games in Chile. Brown, never one to settle for the status quo, was changed forever by these experiences. Friends back in the USA would kid him about being a real life “Indiana Jones.”

But it would be Brazil that would capture his heart.

He traveled throughout Brazil, staying with a variety of local families who would teach him the culture and beautiful language of Portuguese. He continued this journey for over a year, filming short documentaries on what he saw and shaping what would become his first of many “professional” projects that he would showcase.

Chris Brown returned to the USA and enrolled at the prestigious Brooks Institute.

He knew that having a strong working knowledge of every role from development, production and post would give him the tools to be a top tier professional creative storyteller, whether that be a director, producer or actor.



Brown won the prestigious national Panavision Grant Award for his film Armistice, which he developed and produced.  He graduated film school with honor and began directing and producing local ad spots in Los Angeles for major local networks and cable stations including NBC, ABC, and ESPN.

Three years later, Brown returned to Brazil, volunteered for Cinema Nossa, a motion picture and theatre NGO that works with underprivileged youth from the favelas, by teaching an acting workshop for teenagers. When O2Films, the company of director Fernando Merielles, heard they invited Brown to meet them at their studio in Sao Paulo.

Immediately the producers offered him a job as a producer in their international production department.

Brown began to freelance with various production companies. Word spread between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro of a new creative director/producer from California who was proving to be a man of knowledge and experience. GQ Brazil hired him to work on their editorial campaigns. Foreign producers began calling, as they searched for the “inside man” in the production and development world in Brazil. 

Needing someone who possessed both big picture vision and the ability to turn it into a reality, Brown was hired by a high-end hospitality and service company to some of the world’s biggest clients at the 2014 World Cup.

It was here that Brown honed his skills for providing top-of-the-line service to companies working in Brazil.  Brown developed strategy and implemented an intensive campaign for the World cup. He would combine his creative vision, logistical capabilities and general problem solving acumen with the cool Hollywood style glamour of events, parties and hospitality for clients such as Adidas, Nike and many other Forbes 500 companies.

Brown’s diverse interests in genre and format make him extremely flexible and versatile. From developing original content to branded content, feature films to editorials, Brown continues to push the creative boundaries, while bringing the highest production value and best logistics to projects.

After many months of intensive preparations, Brown lead a team of driven multinationals to successfully deliver on one of the biggest and most well known events on the planet – the World Cup. From the huge success of the World Cup campaign, Brown was recognized as one of the most trusted and sought-after production and creative producers in the country.

Now focusing on the next international sporting event, Brown aims to combine all of the logistics and hospitality he provided for the 2014 World Cup. His goal is to bring everything from accommodations, transportations, production, content, equipment and locations under one roof – Chris Brown Creative and Lagoa Productions -- the strongest move for the media and corporate sponsor companies coming to Brazil to participate in any and all global, national or local sporting events.