We build your personal brand, one piece of content at a time.




Creating Curated Content around our Clients.


Our philosophy within LagoaTalent, has learned to take what works from the traditional world of Film & T.V and combine that with the new digital model, Think Gary V and his “Content over Creation” process. We couple that with high-end, one-off content to deliver a wide range of possibilities for our LagoaTalent clients.

We create, produce, and distribute curated content at scale for new and established personalities who want to create a personal brand. This service is aimed at pro athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, fashion designers and other driven individuals.

LagoaTalent is a high-touch service for people who are serious about making a substantial investment in building their personal brand. In addition to a weekly digital video series and a volume of supporting social content, including audio, written and photo for the most relevant platforms and audiences

Branded Content: We create tailored branded content, which comes in short form video and/or photo shoots.

Vlog: Daily or Weekly Vlogs.

Podcast Daily or Weekly Podcast.

Written for PR, Articles, blogs and Linkedin.


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