2016 Olympics
Rio de Janeiro

have arrived...

Hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world will the send upon Rio de Janeiro to participate and bear witness to the most spectacular and sacred sporting event on the planet, the Olympic Games. For three weeks it will host nearly 11,000 Olympic athletes, competing in over 300 events, of nonstop thrilling action.

The original content opportunities are endless for Rio 2016. It's at the heart of what Christopher Brown a creative and let go of productions does. We develop film scripts, television content, branded content and editorials.

Along with our creative team, high demand for quality co-productions, production services and logistical support are increasing by the day. We also cater hospitality support for corporate sponsors ranging from accommodations, transportation, security to be VIP hosting. And experience team of fixers for journalists and photojournalist are also available.

Christopher Brown

Christopher Brown is a visionary and driven creative director and filmmaker based out of Rio de Janeiro.

Brown has produced creative campaigns for some of the coolest clients in Brazil including his breakout editorial campaigns for GQ, along with working for some of the most powerful clients on the planet including Nike, Adidas, Warner Bros. and leaders of Forbes 500 companies.

The success of the World Cup 2014 campaign only restated Brown's Drive for both a creative director and practical producer. Coupled with a solid blueprint for Rio 2016, Brown is the leader of one of the most sought after teams in Brazil.

After the huge success of World Cup campaign, Brown was recognized as one of the most trusted and sought after production and creative producers in the country. His diverse interests in genre and format making extremely flexible and versatile. From developing original content to branded content, feature films to editorials, Brown continues to push the creative boundaries.

With his sights on the Rio 2016 Olympics, Brown is to combine all of the logistics and hospitality he provided for the 2014 World Cup, merging that with production and creative content from media companies and corporate sponsors. His goal is to bring everything from accommodations, transportation, production, content, equipment, locations and more under one roof Christopher Brown creative and let go of productions.

Brazil 2014 and beyond

  • Servicing major client such as Adidas, Nike, Ericsson, AT&T, Univision, state diplomats amongst other high power industry players.
  • Marketing, original and branded content.
  • Lead a full team on the ground including fixers, producers, journalists, corporate clients, and general hospitality staff.
  • Developed strong relationships, including Forbes 500 clients, celebrities, media, studios, suppliers and government agencies.
  • Partners with high and risk management team that was also responsible for much of the security success at the London 2012 Olympic Games.
  • Access to over 250 properties parentheses accommodations between Rio and Sal Paulo.
  • Secured locations and studio space for film, TV and photo shoots.
  • Created strong strategy, template and inroads for Summer Olympics, Rio 2016.

Rio 2016 Olympics

The Olympics are coming and Brazil is in the spotlight. The logistics of working and shooting in Brazil or anything but is our objective for 26 is to offer original content, high and production and logistical services for production teams, corporate sponsors and executives coming down to Brazil for both work and leisure.

  • Creative producers both preproduction, production and post needs her film, television and photo contest.
  • Development for original branding and marketing content.
  • Production teams, rental equipment and studios and locations.
  • Fixers for journalists on assignment.
  • Fixers for executives and sports marketing teams day today business and travel needs such as interpreters, drivers, security, etc.
  • Accommodations for production teams, sports marketing teams and executives. We currently have access to 130 apartments and growing strategically located throughout the barrette data hookah and zone us tomorrow.
  • Transportation: cars, vans, helicopters, boats, private jets, bulletproof vehicles, broadcast and satellite trucks, etc.
  • The VIP hosting

At your service

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