We have the production savvy to complete your project with our full range of solutions.
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In Studio interview example

In Studio interview example

You can begin the process with us or we can jump in anywhere, along the way. We are miracle workers in getting stuff done well, on budget and on time.

We bring together award winning producers and directors and collaborate with talented actors and production teams. Starting from any point using our production service, we work from “script to can.” We have access to the top crews, inside access for permits and locations, post services, logistics, equipment and accommodations.

You get an advantage by working with us. While keeping the price sane and the work more organized in one place, we eliminate the need to work with several agencies and production companies to create and produce innovative, heartfelt and visually exciting content.  

Use us for:
Lead Producer
Selecting and hiring of film crew
Overseeing principal photography
Permits and locations
Equipment acquisition
Risk management and security

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